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Can You Grill Under a Gazebo?

One consideration for whether or not to get a gazebo might be an adequate grill area underneath. But you may be wondering, are grill gazebos safe?

The answer is yes…usually. For the most part, there’s no harm in grilling under a gazebo, but it does depend on the height of the roof, material of the gazebo and surrounding area. All Backyard Discovery gazebos are built to allow grills underneath, and we’ve even designed gazebos specifically for grilling.

Below are a few safety tips and recommendations if you want to grill under a gazebo.

1) Adequate Airflow

An obvious concern when grilling under any roof is to make sure there is enough airflow for the smoke and heat to vent properly. Gazebos are generally open-air structures with columns that support a roof, though some gazebos have walls or low roofs.

Backyard Discovery’s gazebos are all open structures with roofs that are high enough to allow proper ventilation, so grilling under them won’t be an issue. However, we do recommend grill gazebos for cooking. Our larger, traditional gazebos provide a great gathering space, and having a separate space to grill allows more space under the larger gazebo for entertaining or relaxing. Plus, our grill gazebos have steel countertops and accessory hooks, which make the grilling experience even easier.


grill under a gazebo


2) Grill Placement

Ideally, your grill should be placed between two columns of the gazebo and not up against one. That way any sparks, ash or debris that comes off the grill won’t cause a larger issue. In addition, grills should be at least five feet from the house.

Our grill gazebos are all four-column structures, allowing your grill to be nested perfectly and safely under a structure specifically designed for all your barbecuing needs.

3) Gazebo Surface

Never grill on any surfaces that catch fire easily such as wood, vinyl or plastic. Dry ground such as grass or leaves should also be avoided.

Backyard Discovery gazebos are PRO-TECT™ Tested and Proven and come with an industry-leading five-year warranty. However, that warranty and certification is only valid if the gazebo is properly anchored to concrete. A level, concrete slab under the entire gazebo is highly recommended. In addition to being a strong and sturdy material to support your gazebo, concrete is also the ideal surface to grill on as it isn’t flammable.

4) Attention to the Area

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to never leave the grill unattended. This is true for any grill in any environment. Even a few minutes unattended while you run inside to grab something could be disastrous. For charcoal grills, make sure the coals are fully extinguished after grilling. For gas grills, make sure the grill is off and the gas source is turned to the off position.

Remember to also keep children clear of the grilling area. Another reason to have a grill gazebo is it creates a natural separation between the grilling area and the gathering/play area in your outdoor space.

Up Your Grilling Game With a Backyard Discovery Grill Gazebo

If you’re ready to add some style and protection to your grilling space, a Backyard Discovery grill gazebo is the way to go. These smaller gazebo structures are designed specifically for grilling. In addition to having plenty of space for your grill, they come with steel countertops, an exclusive PowerPort™ for charging lights, blenders or devices, and accessory hooks for all your grill tools.

If your outdoor life centers on meals and memories made about the grill, this is a thoughtfully designed addition that will transform your patio or deck into a beautiful, multi-function cooking station. And don’t forget, it’s PRO-TECT™ Tested and Proven to withstand up to 100 mph winds and 76 cm of snow load, offering premium protection for your grill.

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