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how long do wooden swing sets last


An outdoor wooden swing set is one of the most popular choices for backyard play. It’s a durable and sturdy structure that will last for years, even with a group of active kiddos. But just how long does an outdoor wooden swing set last? And how do you make a wooden swing set last longer? 

In this post, we’ll look at some factors that can impact the longevity of a wooden swing set and examine what you can do to help ensure that you and your family enjoy your wooden swing set for years to come.

Average Swing Set Life Expectancy

If properly treated and maintained, swing sets made of woodtypically last for 15 to 20 years. One of the biggest factors, though, besides proper maintenance, is the type of wood the swing set is made from.

Cedar, for example, is an excellent choice for wooden swing sets. It’s strong, durable, and is resistant to both rot and decay. Cedar also doesn’t absorb heat like plastic and metal, meaning it stays relatively cool even on hot summer days. These helpful qualities are what makes up all our outdoor wooden swing sets, from our simple Heavy-Duty Durango swing set to our towering Skyfort II, out of 100% cedar.

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How to Make Your Swing Set Last Longer

The easiest way to make your wooden swing set last longer is to perform regular maintenance. Here are a few tips to help keep your wooden swing set swingin' for as long as possible.

  • Clean it regularly. If there’s one thing kids are good at, it’s getting stuff dirty — and their play equipment is no exception. Make sure to clean and inspect your swing at the beginning of each play season and twice a month during play.
  • Keep everything tight and lubricated. Because wood will naturally expand and contract, it’s important to regularly tighten all hardware and lubricate all moving parts to keep them moving properly. Hardware should be tightened at the beginning of each play season and twice a month during it, while lubrication only needs to be applied once a month.
  • Check for wood deterioration. Wood may start to splinter in places as time passes, which is why you should inspect all wooden pieces twice a month during play season. Any splinters found should be sanded down, and any wood members showing decay should be replaced.
  • Regularly stain and seal your wood. Finally, while your wooden playset will probably come prestained for a smooth and clear appearance, it won’t protect against weather damage. Instead, you’ll want to apply a quality deck stain and sealer once a year to all wooden parts to ensure it is properly protected.

If you’re looking for a swing set that will last with your kids throughout the years, a well-made wooden swing set will give them hours of enjoyment and memories for years to come. Check out our wooden swing set options today.

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