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Planning a Greenhouse for Your Backyard

If you’ve been itching to garden more throughout the year, a greenhouse is the perfect solution for you. Your DIY greenhouse dreams can come to life with a dedicated space to grow, in a greenhouse designed to manage temperatures in the warmer months and retain heat in the winter.

Planning for a greenhouse, however, can seem like an overwhelming task. After all, there are a number of things to consider: size, material, features, and assembly, among others. Knowing what to look for, and knowing what your goals are, can help you narrow your search and begin reimagining your gardening experience.


What Size Is Right For You?

If you’ve started your greenhouse research, you’ve probably noticed that they come in various sizes. So which size greenhouse is right for you? There are a few factors that will help answer that question.

  • Your Space: Most importantly, you’ll need to make sure the greenhouse fits in your outdoor space. A large backyard or outdoor area can accommodate a larger greenhouse, while a smaller space will require a more intimate greenhouse.
  • Your growing goals: You’ll also want to think about your gardening goals. If you want to grow large plants, small trees, or an abundance of flowers, you probably want something in the 80-square-foot range or larger. If you’re looking for a space to enclose a personal, intimate garden, you may only need something in the neighborhood of 50 square feet.


What Material Should You Get?

Now that you have your size figured out, the next step is finding the right material. Unlike size, which is subjective and custom to your needs, answering questions about material is more cut-and-dry.

  • The roof: The whole point of a greenhouse is to extend your growing season, so a key component of that is a durable roof. Because your greenhouse will be up year-round, make sure you find a roof that can withstand the elements. Ideally, it should be able to hold 50 pounds of snow load per square foot.

  • The windows: Be on the lookout for strong, durable windows that help retain heat. Commercial-grade polycarbonate panels are great for this. They help to retain up to 30% more heat than most greenhouses, which will come in handy during the colder seasons.

  • The structure: Like the roof and walls, you want your structure to be sound. If you’re looking for a greenhouse that has an aesthetically pleasing look that matches the outdoor surroundings but is also durable, consider cedar. Cedar is a naturally rot-resistant wood that requires little maintenance and can withstand heavy winds when properly anchored. Plus it looks great in an outdoor environment!


What Features Should You Look For?

Now comes the fun part. You’ve got your size and material nailed down, which should narrow your search quite a bit. The differentiating factor may come in the features you’ll get inside your greenhouse. Here are a few to consider:

  • Temperature-activated exhaust fan: A temperature-activated exhaust fan works by bringing cooler air in and pushing the warm air out when your greenhouse reaches a certain temperature, helping to create ideal growing conditions.
Temperature-activated exhaust fan


  • Passive window ventilation: Having at least one window that opens not only allows for a nice breeze when you’re working in the greenhouse, but combined with the exhaust fan, helps to keep the greenhouse cool by allowing the warm air to exit during the warmer months.
Passive window ventilation
  • Interior & exterior hose hookup: A simple hose hookup on the outside and inside will allow you to water your plants and flowers in the greenhouse without having to drag a hose through the door or in through a window.

Interior & exterior hose hookup
  • Foldable staging shelves: If you’ve talked yourself into a larger greenhouse, consider one with foldable staging shelves. This flexibility allows for more interior space for growing larger plants, or an additional shelving option for small plants, flowers, tools, or storage.
Foldable staging shelves


What About Assembly?

Perhaps the most daunting question is assembly. Maybe you know what you want but you’re struggling with whether to pay a contractor to design and build it for you or just do it all yourself.

Luckily, there’s a third option. Greenhouse kits are available in a variety of sizes and include all the same materials and features you’d find if you were to build one yourself. There are several advantages to getting a greenhouse kit over building a greenhouse yourself:

  • Shipped to you: Greenhouse kits can be shipped to your front door easily. You don’t have to wait for months with materials on backorder or a contractor who’s trying to find the perfect part.

  • No hardware or materials needed: Included in these kits are all the hardware and materials you need for assembly, so no trip to the hardware store is necessary.

  • Easy to assemble: Most greenhouse kits offer simple, step-by-step assembly instructions that require just a few basic household tools. Some manufacturers even have partnerships with phone apps that allow for 3D assembly instructions. Most kits can be assembled by 2-3 people in a day or two.


Extend Your Growing Season With A Backyard Discovery Greenhouse

As you can see, a lot goes into planning for a greenhouse. Fortunately, Backyard Discovery has made it easy with their newest line of greenhouses. Made from durable cedar and commercial-grade polycarbonate, they’re PRO-TECT™ Tested and Proven to withstand up to 100 mph winds and 50 lbs. of snow load per square foot. With three different styles and a plethora of features, all these greenhouses are missing is their gardener.

Transform your garden and extend your growing season beyond just a few months with a greenhouse from Backyard Discovery today!

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