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Planning Your Swing Set: Choosing The One With The Right Accessories

Choosing a swing set for your kids is a daunting task. There are so many options, and you have to consider a variety of factors such as lifespan, material, size, and of course price. You may end up finding several that are comparable in all of those areas. So how do you decide?

The tiebreaking factor may come down to what accessories each provides. Swing sets have come a long way through the years, and they now offer more accessories than ever before. All children are different, and all swing sets are designed differently to accommodate. You may have a climber, a builder, an adventurer, a dreamer, a practicalist, or all of the above. That’s why choosing a swing set with the right accessories is so important. It could be the spark that transforms playtime for your kid.

So what are your options? We’ve outlined just a few of the most popular swing set accessories and the factors you should consider for each:


If there’s one accessory every swing set has to have, it’s..well…a swing of course! But every swing set has its own set of swings, and your child’s preference or imagination may determine what swing set you choose.

Belt swings, the ones where you sit facing forward and hold onto the chains that attach them to the structure for balance, are the most common. Most children learn to swing between 4 and 5 years old, so if your kids are at or nearing that age, these swings are great for them.

There are also different configurations for the younger ones. Web swings, which are built to allow children to sit in a “web” and be pushed in the same pendulum motion, are great for kids who haven’t yet mastered the art of swinging on their own. There are also glider swings, which function similarly to belt swings but are two-person accessories.


web swing



Though not all swing sets have slides, most do, and there are a number of styles and colors from which to choose.

Traditional slides are ones that are uncovered and simply go from a perch or elevated part of the set to the ground. These can be straight or wavy to include bumps for a more fun slide down for the kids.

There are also tube slides, which are covered and come with the additional thrill of being more enclosed. While these can be straight as well, oftentimes tube slides will be curved as they descend. Spiral tube slides are better tubed because they protect kids from otherwise falling over the edge as they twirl downward.

Slides can come in many different colors, but the most popular are the ones that blend in naturally with your outdoor surroundings: think greens, yellows, and grays.




Clubhouses and Tunnels

If you’re really wanting to spur your kids’ imaginations, look for a swing set that has several “hang out” elements. Clubhouses, perches, and tunnels are all fun areas of a swing set where kids can gather and play. Since children are always moving, having several in one swing set is a great way to keep their attention.

A clubhouse is the main area of a swing set that serves as a destination for a ladder or climbing wall, and often where a slide begins. Within clubhouses, you can often find other accessories (more on this below).

Beyond the clubhouse, some swing sets will have an additional crow’s nest or perch that overlooks the outdoor area. These are popular spots for kids to navigate as well.

Depending on the swing set, you may find additional secret areas under the clubhouse or tunnels that lead from one section to another, all great ways to bring out the best of your children’s imaginations.




Monkey Bars

It may be a while before the little ones can use this feature, but you can be sure the older ones will be all about the monkey bars.

Though not a feature of every swing set, monkey bars are a classic and a favorite for children looking to trapeze their way across the yard. The bars are also a great way for them to learn balance and hand-eye coordination.


monkey bars


Climbing Accessories

Swing sets have various climbing accessories that help kids reach the clubhouse or elevated areas of the set. Ladders are the most common and likely the first ones kids will try once they learn to climb. These are great for helping kids develop those all-important motor skills.

Once kids learn to master a ladder, they may be on to more challenging climbing accessories. These may include rope ladders, where ropes make up the side rails and wood planks in between make the steps, or rope assists, in which a rope hangs from an inclined platform or climbing wall that kids can use to help pull themselves up. There are also rock climbing walls, which have climbing holds positioned at various points for hands and feet. As your child’s balance and motor skills improve, they’ll learn to master and love these more challenging climbing options. 


rock climbing wall


Seating Areas

While perhaps not the first thing your kids will navigate to when they run toward their newly assembled swing set, seating areas within the swing set provide a nice option for them to gather and focus.

Some swing sets come with benches built into clubhouses or areas at ground level, while others include freestanding seating options such as a picnic table. In either scenario, it’s a great place for the kids to sit and play when they (errr…if they) get tired of running around.

Built-In Gadgets

Some of the most fun but underrated elements of swing sets are the built-in features that elevate imaginative play in children.

For some swing sets, you’ll find steering wheels in clubhouses or telescopes on balconies. Others have chalkboards attached to a wall. Some even have built-in kitchens. Different swing sets come with different features, giving you lots to think about when trying to choose a swing set that’s right for your kids.

Tap Into Adventure With A Swing Set From Backyard Discovery

Swing sets have many different accessories built in, and Backyard Discovery has a variety of styles and sizes for all ages. From simple two-swing designs to elaborate multi-story jungle gyms, Backyard Discovery helps take your kids’ outdoor play excursions to the next level.

For the little ones, options include web swings and built-in ground elements like kitchens, picnic tables, and kitchen accessories. For the older kids, adventure begins with ladders and rock climbing walls, and it continues with crow’s nest balconies, monkey bars, and tube slides.

All of Backyard Discovery’s wooden swing sets are made with durable cedar, designed to be naturally rot-resistant and withstand the harshest elements. This is backed by an industry-leading Five Year Limited Warranty.

All in all, there are more than three dozen sets from which to choose, each complete with its own unique accessories. Get started by browsing Backyard Discovery’s swing set options today.

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