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What is the Best Gazebo for All Seasons?

Looking for a gazebo that will withstand any threat that mother nature throws at it? Perfect. We’re here to help guide and educate you on how to be sure you choose a gazebo that will withstand harsh rain, blistering winds, heavy snow or ice, even scorching heat, no matter the season.

There are three primary things to look for when buying an all season, weatherproof gazebo: 

  • Wind-resistance
  • Roof strength (or snow load) 

Wind-Resistant Gazebos

High winds can happen anytime — that’s why we recommend gazebos that have been tested and certified to withstand winds up to 100 mph (160 kph). That may seem like a lot, but keep in mind that regular storms can have wind gusts between 40–50 mph. If you live in an area that has tornadic activity or the potential for hurricanes, you know winds can go well beyond that. 

There is a wide range of quality and wind resistance when it comes to gazebos on the market. Be aware that many gazebos are not certified to withstand high winds and some will blow away in gusts just over 30 mph. 

Here are some ways we engineer our gazebos to be PRO-TECT® Certified for up to 100 mph winds.

  • Sturdy Steel Roofs. Heavy-duty galvanized steel roofs help weigh our gazebos down so they’re more resistant to high winds. Shingle-free steel roofs also avoid the issue of loose parts flying around in high winds and causing damage. 
  • Secure Support. Powder-coated steel anchoring plates with concrete screws anchor our gazebos in place, keeping them secured to the ground during high winds. This protects your gazebo, as well as your home and other possessions from damage if your gazebo were to topple over into them. 

Snow-Proof Gazebos

Winter snow in your backyard can be beautiful but can also crush a gazebo that isn’t built to hold the weight. So, what’s the best gazebo for winter? 

When you’re looking for a gazebo that can live up to heavy winter snow and ice, look for a roof that’s been tested and certified to hold up to 50 lbs per square foot — that’s 30” (76cm) of snow! The way the roof is engineered and the material it’s made of can be the difference between a gazebo that lasts for years and one that collapses with the first snowfall. 

All of our gazebos are PRO-TECT® Certified to withstand up to 30” of snow, and we test every design to prove it. Here are some ways we’ve achieved the strongest roofs on the market. 

  • Steel Roof Construction. Hardtop gazebos can be constructed of different materials. Galvanized steel outperforms weaker aluminum alternatives because it’s stronger and more durable. Galvanized steel is resistant to bending and denting, and is corrosion resistant so it won’t rust over time. In the same way you wouldn’t put an aluminum roof on your home, you shouldn’t have it on your gazebo. 
  • Roof Strength. Look for a gazebo that is tested and certified for its roof strength. Don’t just assume that a gazebo roof will perform in all seasons without seeing some proof from the testing process. We recommend gazebos that are tested to hold up to 50 lbs. per square foot, which is equivalent to 30” of snow. 

What to Look For in an All-Season Gazebo

In addition to all those important factors, here are some helpful things to look for when shopping for a solid, durable gazebo. 

  • A Hardtop Roof. Softtop roof gazebos are not built for all seasons. Only hardtop roofs can protect you from the snow, wind, and rain. With a hardtop gazebo, you won’t worry about your roof collapsing in harsh weather, or blowing away in high winds. Hardtop roof gazebos also allow you to enjoy a peaceful rain storm without water leaking in. They truly offer all season enjoyment.

  • Weatherproof Materials. Gazebos that perform best in all seasons must be rot-resistant. When mother nature brings heavy rain, snow, or ice, you want a gazebo that won’t absorb water and fall apart over time. We like cedar wood and galvanized steel frames for this reason.

    100% cedar gazebos such as the 12x10 Arlington Gazebo with Electric are naturally rot-resistant and beautiful. 

  • Reinforced Support. Gazebos that perform best in winter, summer, spring, and fall use galvanized steel support brackets and hardware to ensure the cedar or metal frame stays strong and in place by strengthening weak points and reducing moisture build-up.

  • Anchoring. High winds can cause gazebos to blow over if they are not anchored with strong, reinforced anchoring plates. The best all-season gazebos are constructed with powder-coated anchoring plates around each leg post. The anchoring plates provide added support to ensure your gazebo stays secure during the fiercest storms. 

  • Gazebo Roof Style. Another factor to consider when shopping for an all season gazebo is the roof style. Though each style can work in any climate, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing.

    • Hip roofs are perfect for areas with high rainfall, where their slanted, corrosion-resistant steel roof design helps direct rain runoff.
    • Peak roofs are suitable for areas with heavier snowfall, allowing excess snow buildup to slide off.

PRO-TECT® Certification

For quality conscious buyers who care about the all-season durability of their gazebo, we offer PRO-TECT® Certification. Gazebos with PRO-TECT Certification have been tested to withstand snow loads up to 30” and winds up to 100 mph. Constructed with heavy-duty galvanized steel and 100% solid cedar wood, each comes with a 5-year warranty and is guaranteed to be one of the strongest gazebos in the market.

Contact us and tell us your plans. We’d love to help you enjoy your backyard to the fullest.

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