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What Size Greenhouse Do I Need?

No matter the size of your outdoor space or your plants, the addition of a greenhouse will reimagine your gardening experience. Greenhouses give your plants and flowers protection and provide better temperature control, all while still allowing the sunlight in that allows your garden to thrive.

If you’re ready to extend your growing season with a greenhouse, there are a few things to think through. First, you’ll want to decide where in your outdoor space you want to put your greenhouse. You’ll also want to consider how much gardening you plan on doing. And of course, there’s your budget to take into account.

Having answers to these common questions will help you narrow down your greenhouse plans and decide what size is best for you.

Your Outdoor Space

The size of your outdoor space will go a long way in determining what size your greenhouse should be. Fortunately for you, greenhouses come in a variety of sizes and styles, and regardless of the size of your space, you’re sure to find one that fits.

On the small end, a 50-60 square foot area is all you need for a greenhouse. Greenhouses with compact footprints still provide all the essentials you need while conserving space for those with smaller backyards. Getting a small greenhouse for your backyard still provides game-changing gardening and improves your overall property value.

If you have more space, say 80-90 square feet, you may want to consider a large greenhouse. In addition to giving you more space to grow, a larger greenhouse allows for more features such as additional ventilation and foldable shelving.

Your Gardening Desires

Another factor that will no doubt go into the size of your greenhouse is how many plants and flowers you plan to put in it. If extending your growing season simply means keeping your favorite flowers alive longer, you may be able to get away with a smaller greenhouse.

But, if you’re a gardening pro who wants to extend the life of a variety of plants, flowers or even small trees, you may want a larger space. After all, a larger greenhouse gives you more flexible shelving options that you can move around in case you want to grow those larger items.

Your Budget

It goes without saying that your budget will play a large part in your greenhouse plans. Obviously, larger greenhouses will be more expensive, while smaller ones will be cheaper. The good news is, you can buy a greenhouse at any budget and not sacrifice on quality as long as you know what you’re looking for.

If you’re limited by budget, a smaller greenhouse still provides excellent quality and value for all your gardening needs. If you have natural and forced ventilation, an interior and exterior hose hookup, ample shelving and walls that provide good insulation, you’ll be just fine.

If you’re willing to spend more for a bigger size, all the better. Large greenhouses often come with all the same features of a smaller greenhouse. In addition, some have additional windows for ventilation and other features such as foldable shelving for flexibility.

Extend Your Growing Season With A Quality Greenhouse

No matter what your greenhouse plans are, you’re sure to find a size that fits your space and style if you order from Backyard Discovery.

Backyard Discovery’s wooden greenhouses are available to pre-order and come in several dimensions and styles. Here’s an outline of the offerings:



Square Footage

Roof Type

Pergola Attached?


12’ x 7’

84 sq. ft.




12’ x 7’

84 sq. ft.




9’ x 6’

54 sq. ft.



No matter which greenhouse you choose, you’ll get all the essentials you need to reimagine gardening and extend your growing season. All come with an interior/exterior hose hookup, a temperature-activated exhaust fan, windows for passive ventilation, a PowerPort™ and commercial-grade polycarbonate panels that improve heat retention by up to 30 percent compared to most greenhouses. And both the Bellerose and the Zalie have foldable staging shelves.

You’re also getting durability. All Backyard Discovery greenhouses are PRO-TECT Tested and Proven to withstand up to 100 mph winds and up to 50 pounds of snow load per square foot. The cedar wood is also naturally rot-resistant.

Enhance your garden and extend the life of your plants with a greenhouse today!

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