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The gazebo is beyond our expectations. My husband easily put it together over a weekend and only needed a few friends to help when it came time to “raise the roof.” Between the printed instructions and the app called “Bilt” he didn’t have any trouble at all. It is a great space for our large family to relax in the shade or to listen to the rain on the metal roof. We love our gazebo. It’s well worth it.


This Gazebo has been an absolutely beautiful addition to our backyard outdoor patio! I could not LOVE it more! It arrived in several boxes and was packaged very carefully! All hardware was labeled and easy to find! The assembly does take some time however, the app (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!) was tremendous! It was step by step instructions with CLEAR directions! This avoided any confusion with assembly! Again, the app is fabulous! The roof panels were in excellent shape and easily assembled; however, you will need at least 3 strong men to lift and hold the panels in place in order to assemble the roof! It took about 2 days from start to finish (we completed assembly in a weekend). Once we finished the gazebo, my husband went the extra mile and used pavers to create a pillar around each post. We added solar lights and bought a round table with 6 chairs to complete the space. I absolutely LOVE this gazebo and how it turned out! The quality of all the pieces is superb! I highly recommend this product!!


We built this gazebo for our backyard last summer and in my experience it is without a doubt the best in class for a self assembly product of this type. From the detailed assembly manual to the quality of the components it far exceeded our expectations. This gazebo is tough enough to withstand the elements and it is a real delight to have. We love it.

Ready to Assemble vs DIY Gazebos

Do you know the difference between “Ready To Assemble” (RTA) and “Do It Yourself” (DIY) kits? Ready-to-Assemble products are designed to be easier to assemble than traditional DIY projects because they come with thorough instructions and no modifications are needed on the pieces or parts. 

On the other hand, some DIY projects may be more complex and require more advanced skills and tools, making them more challenging than RTA projects.  

Every Backyard Discovery Gazebo is Ready to Assemble and arrives with 

  • All necessary hardware
  • Pre-cut posts with no additional sawing or sanding needed
  • Pre-drilled holes for quick and easy installation of bolts and hardware
  • Pre-stained pieces that are ready to assemble, and should be sealed for lasting endurance

Plus, you can use 3D interactive instructions on the BILT® app

ready to assemble pergolas

Gazebo Kits

If you order a gazebo that requires assembly and it arrives in a confusing mass of boxes with poor instructions, your outdoor structure can quickly turn into a serious headache that could also result in unsafe final assembly.

That’s why it’s critical to know what you’re getting into before you order, and why we make our assembly as easy as possible. When shopping on, you can take a peek at the instruction manual for every gazebo to see what household tools you’ll need, and every wood component and piece of hardware included. 

Plus, you can see the exact number of boxes that will arrive, as well as their dimensions and weight, just by scrolling to the “Specs” section of each product page.


Every Backyard Discovery gazebo has instructions available on the BILT app. This makes assembly much easier by providing 3D interactive instructions for your gazebo via your phone or tablet. 

  • Follow audio, text, and animated images
  • Zoom & rotate 360 degrees
  • Replay steps instantly
  • Register your gazebo and access warranty information

From lights to music to mixers to anything else you can think of that needs to be plugged in, our PowerPort enhances what you can do with your gazebo with three surge-protected USB ports and three electrical outlets, all protected by a water-resistant closure.

Plus, it’s moveable. You have the option to place it on any of the posts and change locations if needed.

Gazebo Assembly Support

When your gazebo arrives and you’re ready to get started on assembly and installation, you’re not diving in alone. We have a team of knowledgeable and friendly representatives who are here to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the entire process. 

Available every day of the week, they are prompt, courteous, and effective at handling any issues or concerns that may arise. At Backyard Discovery, we’re committed to ensuring you are satisfied with your purchase and have a positive experience from start to finish. 

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